Weekend Update: Over $1,300 in sales!

Hi everyone! I know it's been awhile since my last blog post. It's been a very busy summer. I hope everyone has been having great sales and even taking some time off to relax. For me, the past month has been all about spending time with my family and preparing my business for the fall. With back-to-school and the holidays right around the corner, you want to make sure you are sourcing and listing the right products for the season. Coats, boots, backpacks, and winter accessories (scarves, gloves, etc.) are all very in demand as the summer winds down.

Personally, I have seen an upturn in sales this past week and enjoyed a great weekend on eBay and Poshmark. Here's a breakdown of my sales numbers:
eBay: $1,089.72
Poshmark: $185.00
Bonanza: $29.69

TOTAL: $1304.41

Here are some of my favorite sales. These are all great items to add to your watch list when you are out sourcing.

This was my first time selling Ted Baker. I knew from paying attention to the BOLOs of other sellers that this was a great brand to pick up. I paid about $4 for these at Salvation Army.

I found this Pearl Izumi top at Goodwill for about $3. This is a brand that is very popular with bicyclists and is a great bread and butter item.

This DKNY jacket was my best sale of the week. I paid about $20 for this on Half Off Day at Salvation Army.

This was a Poshmark sale, and I paid about $2 for this White House Black Market top. WHBM does very well for me on Posh.

This J. Crew coat also sold on Poshmark. I paid $10 for this beauty, but it did have some faint spots on the sleeves. I fully disclosed and photographed the spots. I would have gotten more if the coat was in pristine condition, but this was still a great sale.

Even though summer is winding down, bathing suits have still been selling. This was a Victoria's Secret clearance find. I paid $9.99.

This pair of jeans came in a liquidation lot I purchased. Each piece in the lot averaged out to $8.00. So far, the items from the lot have sold very well.

Chico's is a brand that sells very steadily from my store. I can often find it for less than $1, and it moves consistently. Be sure to check out a Chico's size chart to understand the unique sizing.

This bathing suit sold for full price on Bonanza. I paid about $4.00 for this at GoodWill because Maxine of Hollywood suits sell well. I particularly like finding vintage suits in this brand.

J. Crew is one of my favorite brands to re-sell as it generally holds its value well. If you know the name of the style, put that in your title to increase the chance of a sale. This cost me about $2.00.

I love selling vintage clothing! I picked up this suit at a 99 cent sale, and it really is stunning.

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